Maintaining Efficient Central Heating Systems

Power Flush

What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is pretty much as the name says – it’s a method of washing through your central heating system so that built up sludge and sediment is removed from the system, returning your system back to it’s most efficient state.

Why would I need a Power Flush?

Do your radiators have cold and hot spots? Do they take a long time to warm up? These are pretty classic signs that your central heating system is in need of a Power Flush to rid it of sludge build up. You will also need a PowerFlush on a new boiler install to get rid of the caustic chemicals used to solder the pipes together so that damage is not caused to the new boiler.

How does it work?

Water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your central heating system at high pressure to flush out any built-up dirt and sludge that may be causing blockages. Once it is cleaned out, an additive is put into the system to reduce further sludging and scaling. This will also make your central heating system more efficient which in the long run can reduce your heating bills and save money. There is also the potential to save money in the long run on repair bills.

How long does it take?

A Power Flush usually takes a minimum of 4 hours for an average 3 bedroom house with 7 radiators. This time can be dependant on the condition of the central heating and the amount of sludge built up in the system. With all our services, we try the best to minimise the disruption to the customer’s daily routine

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